At Groupon, we work each day to help local businesses like yours grow.

But that’s not just our day job—it’s the reason we get up every morning, and it’s what we dream about at night. We’re driven by the same kind of passion you feel for your business—the joy of seeing what can happen when a great product or service connects with customers who love it.

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Groupon is one of the world’s largest local and mobile marketplaces, helping businesses reach and attract customers through online, mobile, and email promotion.

Our flexible marketing campaigns deliver exposure, visibility, and discoverability to grow your business, and our merchant tools provide analytics and insights that make it easier than ever to operate with efficiency.

Whatever your goals, we’ll help you reach them with a solution that meets your needs.

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Who are Groupon Customers?

They are collectors of new experiences, but intensely loyal to the people and places they love. Moreover, they’re always ready to spend more in support of a great local business. They are influential and quick to recommend their favorite spots to friends.


of customers were trying the merchant for the first time.


of customers say they are likely to return to the business again.


of customers spend more than the value  of the Groupon offer.


of customers have referred someone to a business they discovered on Groupon.

Our Unmatched Audience

With 24.1 million active customers in North America, nearly 110 million mobile app downloads worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of shoppers in most cities, Groupon delivers the curious tastemakers you seek.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I just moved, [and Groupon is] helping me learn good spots in the area to do things or eat.”

“I have gone on so many awesome adventures because of your website.”

“It’s fun.
I find things I didn’t
even know I needed.”

“Love the deals
and learning about
new businesses.”

Advertising That Meets Your Business Needs

Whether you want to bring in a large audience all at once or steadily draw customers month after month, your customized Groupon campaign will help you reach local customers who love what you do.

Reach an Active Audience of  In-Demand Customers

Out of millions of shoppers and subscribers, customers will be targeted for your business based on their ages, locations, buying habits, interests, and more.

Track Your Success with Intuitive Tools

Seamlessly redeem Groupons by customer name, manage feedback, understand your customers, and respond to campaign trends using your Groupon Merchant Center and Merchant Tablet.

Profitably Boost Brand Awareness and Perception

of merchants said that Groupon increased awareness of their business within the community.


of merchants who run on Groupon maintain or improve their brand perception with deal redeemers.


of Groupon campaigns are profitable immediately.

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